After 16 years with only minor changes being made this web page is being retired. Very soon our new web page is going to appear here. It will be a current presentation of ourselves and our products to you.

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The Original Non-Dairy Hemp Iced Dessert

The Cool Hemp Company Inc. (formerly Christina's Hemp Treats) is an earth-friendly, values led business.

Our Mission is to provide delicious, nutritious, all natural and organic vegan Canadian hemp foods to consumers in the most ecologically friendly way possible while supporting small organic farmers in Canada, United States, Europe and in developing countries.

Christina and Robbie Anderman, founders of Cool Hemp, being natural foods chefs and bakers knew hemp seeds to be a great wholesome food when they tasted them. Inspired by hemp's amazing nutritional benefits, as well as it's potential to help the environment by replacing many polluting products with green ones, they began making and selling organic hemp seed foods in 1996.

Cool Hemp invented the first hemp organic non-dairy frozen dessert as a way to bring hemp seed's valuable nutrition to people in a fun way while preserving it's natural oils by freezing. Hemp seeds are the Earth's only source of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 in the correct 1:3 ratio and they produce more easily digestible complete protein per acre than any other food.

We're Committed to Community and the Environment

Our Cool Hemp food product ingredients are certified organic,where possible fair trade, kosher, and in many instances where we can source them even locally grown. Our iced desserts are produced at a facility in eastern Ontario where we make our batches using the old-fashioned methods that best preserve taste and digestibility. For beverage products such as hemp coffee we roast and blend very precisely to make sure every batch is just as good tasting as the other one. It allows us to produce some of the best hemp coffee blends based on years of roasting experience. These are but two examples of our commitment to excellence. Check out our products page for the other good food items that The Cool Hemp Company produces. We are proud to bring organic Canadian hemp food products to you. Enjoy!



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