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Cool Hemp non-dairy frozen dessert

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Comes in three out-there flavours!
  • Chocolate
  • Maple
  • Natural
Cool Hemp non-dairy frozen dessert image

With over 50 combined years of hands-on experience as organic gardeners and orchardists and nearly as many in the organic & natural food industry, Christina and Robbie Anderman have created Cool Hemp non-dairy frozen dessert to be:

Certified Organic
Ninety-nine percent of all Cool Hemp ingredients are certified organic and 100 % are all natural. The production is according to OCPP/Pro-Cert, of Lindsay, Ontario, standards and inspected to be sure the ingredients are stored separately from all other ingredients at the co-packers (ice cream dairy) and all the tanks, hoses and machinery are carefully washed then rinsed thoroughly three times before use. All water used is charcoal filtered. We produce Cool Hemp at Tracey's Dairy in Renfew, Ontario.

Cool Hemp is not ice cream. It's the hempseeds themselves that provide the proteins and the good fats for a smooth texture. When the Canadian Food Inspection Agency pulled many non-dairy frozen desserts from the shelves in autumn 2001 due to traces of milk protein, out of concern for our customers we sent samples of our 3 flavours to an independent lab for analysis. The results are in. Cool Hemp has "no milk protein detected" (less than 1.7 parts per million).

Certified Kosher De
All our ingredients are certified Kosher and our facility and process has been inspected by the Kashruth Council of Rabbis (Toronto) and found to be clean, free of dairy, and made on dairy equipment. Cool Hemp may thus be enjoyed by people observing a Kosher diet, after any meal.

Rich in Hemp - Rich in Nutrition
There is enough hemp in a small 125 ml portion of Cool Hemp to provide you with half your daily need for the Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6 in the right proportion for maintaining health, plus a good bit of GLA. This, together with 9% of your daily need for easily digestible complete protein makes Cool Hemp the most nutritious frozen dessert on the market. Plus Cool Hemp is high in iron and calcium. The unrefined Celtic Grey Sea Salt adds over 80 essential trace minerals.


Cool Hemp 500 ml tubs can now be found in Natural Food Stores all over Canada. Check our list of Stores carrying Cool Hemp.

Optimize your health and be kind to the planet too, with Cool Hemp, the essential non-dairy frozen dessert!


Cool Hemp Energy Cookies

Come in two yummy, crunchy flavours!

  • Raisin
  • Chocolate Chip
Cool Hemp Energy Cookies image

Wheat free vegan "Hemp Energy Cookies" are organically produced with certified organic and fairly traded ingredients. Cool Hemp Energy Cookies-

  • Are an excellent source of essential fatty acids
  • Are a good source of protein
  • Are a good source of Iron, Thiamin and Niacin
  • Contain unrefined Celtic Grey Sea Salt that supplies 80 essential trace minerals
  • Contain no Cholesterol
  • Contain no preservatives

Cool Hemp Energy Cookies come singly in resealable recycleable plastic bags and in outer packages of 12 and will keep well in your freezer for months.
For Ingredients and Nutrition Facts, click here

Our Cookies are baked in a wood fired masonry oven using freshly stone ground spelt and rye flours at Little Stream Bakery in Perth, Ontario. Ask for Cool Hemp Energy Cookies at your local Natural Food store, order them from us or directly from Little Stream's Order Page.


Cool Hemp Protein Powder

Comes in 3 nutritious flavours!

  • Plain
  • Chocolate
  • Carob
Cool Hemp Protein Powder image

Sugar free vegan Cool Hemp Protein Powder (good for mixing into drinks, smoothies, energy balls, breakfast cereal, baking, or soup) is organically produced with certified organic and fairly traded ingredients. It is made from milling the high-protein hempseed presscake left after pressing oil. Cool Hemp Protein Powder-

  • Is an excellent source of easily digestible protein
  • Contains all 10 essential amino acids, including two that are essential for childrens' growth
  • Is an excellent source of dietary fibre
  • Is a raw living food, with all live enzymes intact
  • Is a good source of Iron, Magnesium and Zinc
  • Carob and Chocolate flavours are sweetened with sugar free natural stevia leaf
  • Chocolate flavour contains fair trade cocoa
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Low in Carbs
  • Low glycemic index
  • Contains no enzyme inhibitors (such as are found in soybeans and grains)

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients are available on our Protein Powder Nutrition page.

You can order Cool Hemp Protein Powder in 650g/1.43lb tubs (21 servings of 30g/2 Tablespoons each).


Plain: Organic Hempseed Protein Powder
Chocolate: Organic Hempseed Protein, Organic Fair Trade Cocoa, Organic Stevia Leaf
Carob: Organic Hempseed Protein, Organic Carob, Organic Stevia Leaf

Dehulled hemp seeds

Come in two bulk sizes.

  • 10lb Conventional
  • 25lb Conventional
  • 25lb Organic
Dehulled hemp seed image

Dehulled hempseeds are one of the most nutritious foods on earth, as well as being delicious and versatile. They can be eaten raw without any cooking (sprinkled on salads or cereal, blended into smoothies) or added to casseroles or breads. Our Cool Hemp frozen desserts are made with locally grown Eastern Ontario organic dehulled hempseeds.

By eating dehulled hempseeds (also known as shelled hempseeds, hempnut, or hemp hearts) you get the benefits of both the excellent protein and the valuable oil they contain. Dehulled hempseeds contain:

  • 30% easily digested high quality protein
  • 36% essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6 in the perfect 1:3 ratio for human health, as well as GLA and SDA)
  • Vitamin E, iron, and other vitamins and minerals

We sell dehulled hempseeds in bulk bag sizes, either certified organic by OCPP or conventionally grown (but without herbicides or pesticides). They will keep well stored cool and dark in a closed container for up to a year, or in a freezer for two years. A yummy, nutrition-packed addition to your diet!

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